Vlad Ionescu

Dr. Vlad Ionescu has read literature in Romania, philosophy and art theory in Belgium where he has defended a PhD on the notions of image and space in the art history of Aloïs Riegl, Heinrich Wölfflin and Wilhelm Worringer (KU Leuven 2012). Subsequently, he has published on the theory of art and architecture, most recently on applied arts, the iconography of pneuma and the adaptive reuse of the built environment. Vlad Ionescu’s current research concerns the relationship of fine arts and architecture, especially the way in which artists can cooperate with designers and vice-versa. The goal of this research is a systematic overview of the ways in which architects were involved with fine arts (the glory days of modernism) but also the ways in which artists have employed architecture in their practice (from Gordon Matta-Clark’s Anarchitecture to Arakawa’s Reversible Destiny Loft and beyond). The topic that motivates this research concerns artistic freedom in architecture and the ability of fine arts to contribute to this endeavour. 

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