Nadia Sels
Vlad Ionescu
Peter De Cupere
Karen Wuytens
Bert Willems
David Huycke

PhD students:

Joani Groenewald
Sebastián González de Gortari
Lodewijk Heylen
Eleanor Duffin
Patricia Domingues
Anneleen Swillen
Marieke Pauwels
Natalia Drobot


Tine De Ruysser
“Wearable Metal Origami”? The design and manufacture of metallised folding textiles

This research brings an original approach to jewellery design and metalwork through the investigation of ‘metamorphosis by (un)folding’. It brings together expertise from a range of craft disciplines for the creation of flexible jewellery and objects that can change shape through folding and unfolding. The project builds on my previous work. As an MA student I invented an extremely flexible folding laminate of textile and metal, which I developed as a PhD student by investigating folding patterns, the technicalities of production and the possible strategies for designing wearable pieces. The goal of the present project is to expand my understanding of the artistic possibilities and to develop a new range of jewellery and functional decorative objects. The project contributes to the search for innovation in the field of craft and design because it is an example of how interdisciplinary methods and processes can lead to original results. Literature will inform me about ‘metamorphosis by unfolding’ in science, nature, art and philosophy. Research into fabrics and processes will lead to improvements of the material and the expansion of the range of folding patterns and materials that can be used. By creating a dynamic between reading, making and reflection, new insights about ‘metamorphosis by unfolding’ and a new body of work will ensue. Working methods and outcomes will be shared through an exhibition, published work and a variety of outreach activities.