Karen Wuytens


Karen Wuytens (°1977) is professor at the department ‘Object & Jewellery’ at PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt. In 2014, she defended her PhD, titled ’Redefining designing and the development of a design model for designers of jewellery and objects’ and has a specific research interest in a holistic way of designing. In her artistic practice she is working on designs, custom made for a particular client. The experience of the user is always significant in the story of her products. Whether it’s an accessory or a utensil, the experience of the product by the user is always the starting point. Starting from an actual need, she is evolving from idea to solution and production, in which each decision is carefully considered in a holistic way. She explicitly uses the qualities and properties of materials and combines this with both traditional know-how and technological production techniques.

Within her designs she realizes a good balance between working with professional artisans and fair prices and she prefers local production instead of mass production in low-wage countries. These choices imply a pure and timeless design. The resemblance between all products are authenticity, honesty and human centered design.